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Big Game Hunting That’s Like “Africa In Texas®”

Exotic game hunting at the Y.O. Ranch gives you the opportunity to hunt a tremendous variety of exotic species from around the world including Africa, Asia, and Europe. You can hunt Scimitar Horned Oryx from north Africa, and sheep native to the mountains of Europe and the Middle East.

You can hunt Blesbok Antelope from Africa, sheep native to the mountains of Corsica, Wildebeest Antelope from Africa, Pere David Deer from China, Blackbuck Antelope from India. And after you have done that there are numerous species that you haven’t hunted yet.

Big game hunters from across the globe come to the Y.O. Ranch each year because the Y.O. offers them tremendous variety, challenging fair chase, all within a safer more politically stable environment!

This world class big game hunting experience is available in Texas because Charlie Schreiner III pioneered exotic wildlife ranching and the Y.O. in the 1950’s. his innovative animal conservation programs have produced herds on the Y.O. – that are often bigger today than the herds that exist in their native countries.


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