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A Land of History, Tradition, and Pride

In 1880, Captain Charles Schreiner purchased a ranch from J.W. Taylor and James Clements. In so doing, he also acquired a herd of Texas Longhorns. These cattle carried the Y.O. brand which could have belonged to Youngs O. Coleman, but there is no written record to verify this origin. The Y.O. brand has been in the Schreiner Family ever since, and today signifies the Y.O. Ranch and is a registered trademark.

In his heyday, Captain Schreiner traveled the Western Trail and drove 300,000 Longhorns to Dodge City, Kansas. Amassing his fortune from the cattle drives, the Y.O. Ranch then became the Captain’s cornerstone of an empire that at one time embraced over 550,000 acres.

The Y.O. and the Schreiner Family have been establishing a reputation for permanency lasting more than 116 years. They’ve gained respect for their heritage, each other, and the land. The ranch and family are here to stay.

The Ranch Today

The Y.O. is a working ranch of 40,000 acres. Because of its heritage, it is an important link to ranching in Texas history. Today, the Y.O. maintains a herd of more than 1,000 registered Longhorns; one of the largest herds in the world.

The Y.O. is home to more than 10,000 other animal species. A home to over 50 species of exotics such as Antelope, Impala, Blackbuck, Waterbuck, Oryx, Giraffe, and Ostrich. Many of these animals roam freely throughout the Y.O., including areas now being offered for sale.

The Y.O. region is simultaneously beautiful and rugged. Hilltops afford matchless views. Wild game thrives in native cover. Tall grasses blanket the valleys, and current landowners have developed small hill country lakes scattered throughout the Ranchlands.

Is it any wonder that the Y.O. is one of the most famous hunting ranches in the world?

Year-Round Hunting

For more than three decades, the Y.O. has been stocked with game animals from all parts of the world. As early as 1953, the Indian Blackbuck Antelope, now protected in its native land, was established and running free at the Y.O. There are also large established herds of Axis and Sika Deer, Aoudad, Mouflon and Corsican Sheep, Fallow Deer, American Elk, native White-tail Deer, and wild turkey.

As a land owner, you can hunt your own land for free year round. Or, you can hunt the Y.O. and use their professional guide for help in locating trophy animals on a no-kill no-pay basis.

Equally as important as the wildlife hunting environment, is the Y.O. conservation program which maintains the balanced system. In such arid climate, water can be a deciding factor for both hunting and ranching. Fortunately, the Y.O. sits on top of two seperate water sands, capable of providing all the water the Ranch, the animals, or you will need.

The Y.O.’s conservation program also involves experimental herds of many rare and endangered species. These include Ibex, Sable, Barasingha, Oryx, Piere David Deer, Zebra, Ostrich, Bison, Giraffe, Eland, Zebu, Rhea, and many others also inhabit the ranch and are there to be photographed.

The Schreiners have also established a Wildlife Management Committee to develop guidelines for the development and sensible harvesting of superior game animals.

Your Home on the Range

Historically speaking, as a Y.O. land owner you’ll be one of the special few. You have rights and privileges not offered to outsiders. Enjoy the Y.O. party pavillion, the lodge, swimming pool, and nature trail at no charge. Lodging in century old log cabins, Chuckwagon meals, horseback riding, parties, tours, photo safaris, and summer camps for kids are available to you and your guests at nominal prices.

Additionally, you’ll have access through the main ranch from highways 41 and 83. Private aircraft may use the Y.O. runway. Window stickers wlll identify you as a Y.O. Land Owner. You’ll also have the security of a full-time Y.O. Marshall who patrols the ranch interior.

As a Y.O. Land Owner, you’ll also have many other V.I.P. opportunities to hunt the Y.O. and to purchase Texas Longhorns and additional exotic game through annual auctions held on the ranch. Consider yourself always at home enjoying the many regular social events at the Y.O. The annual Trail Drive, the Y.O. Social Club Party, and the Auctions are just a sample.

A Word of Encouragement
The Y.O. Ranch is making an unprecedented offer. It is nothing short of a rare investment opportunity and at the same time yielding years of enjoyment. There is no other ranch in the world quite like it and now it can be yours.

We encourage you to visit the Y.O. as soon as possible and take a closer look. Share the heritage of the Y.O. Ranch, it one of the famous working ranches in the world. Located near Kerrville, Texas, it’s reputation is spoken of wherever men gather to discuss exotic game, trophy hunting, and Texas ranching. In the purest sense, the Y.O. Ranch is a Texas Legend. The opportunity to own a part of Texas history can now be yours. Even your decision to buy is historic.

No one has been able to purchase this portion of the Y.O. ! People from all over the world come visit the Y.O. Some can only dream about it, you can actually own a part of it!

An Incomparable Community of Ranches

The Schreiner Family has designated for sale beautiful parts of the Y.O. Ranch containing over 10,000 acres. These tracts range in size from 43 to 80 acres. All have deeded access and are within the high fence of the Y.O. Throughout this beautiful rolling hill country exotics and trophy whitetails roam freely. Fabulous year-round hunting. Y.O. facilities and social privileges are available to land owners. Deed restrictions designed to protect your investment and preserve the beauty of the land. The Schreiner Family will also long-term finance your purchase.


For More Information or an appointment to visit contact:

Charlie Schreiner


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