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My Favorite Animals

I have the best job in the world. Not only do I have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world, but I get to play with animals all day. What more could one ask for?

I have my favorites starting with the giraffes. One of my jobs on the ranch is to care for our giraffes, and it is one that I do happily. My favorite is Carlita who was born on the ranch back in 2002. She has a baby girl named Bella who will be three in June. Then there’s Big Lou. Big Lou was brought onto the ranch a year ago and he is fitting in nicely. Once a wild, non-trusting male, he is now my Gentle Giant. He loves cookies and apples, spits out lettuce. Go figure! And we believe both Carlita and Bella are carrying babies. If that’s true, the babies will be born in Sept/Oct. Can’t wait!

We also have Lady Bird Johnson (I call her Junior) who is an ostrich. Another loving animal who will sit on command. She listens better than my dog at home.

Then there’s Fiona, a Dama Gazelle. The Y.O. Ranch started breeding Dama Gazelles after learning they were becoming extinct in their native land of Africa. Fiona has had six babies since coming to the ranch. I call her my “cookie monster” as she will stand in front of the bus until she gets her cookies.

If you want meet my favorite babies, come and take one of our exotic wildlife tours. We offer a morning bus tour Thursday – Sunday. Or, for a more intimate experience, try out our Privatge Tours. Either way, you will have the opportunity to meet and photograph
these beautiful animals. Call for reservations today.

Debbie Hagebusch, Y.O. Ranch Director of TourismDebbie Hagebusch is Director of Tourism at Y.O. Ranch; she leads all the tour groups throughout the Ranch’s 40,000 acres, detailing the various wildlife that can be found here. With up to 55 species of exotic wildlife roaming the Ranch, including Giraffe, South American Rhea, African wildebeests and more, she knows them all, and can often be seen taking care of the giraffe. She’ll get you as close as the animals will allow, and help you take pictures. So contact her directly here, and schedule a visit to the Y.O. Ranch and take one of her daily tours.

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