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Oh Baby!

Larry bottle feeding a young longhorn

Larry bottle feeding a young longhorn

Larry with a grown Rowdy

Larry melts while bottle-feeding Rowdy the pygmy goat

This blog is not about me. Rather, it is about my husband, Larry. Although Larry doesn’t work on the Y.O. Ranch, he plays a major role in helping me with my job…albeit reluctantly.

When you have the number of animals on a ranch as we do, it’s only a matter of time before a baby animal is brought in needing care. This job falls on me. Raising baby animals can be very time-consuming, and, as much as I am in and out of the office, it becomes difficult for me to be available for feedings. This is where Larry comes in.

I bring the babies home with me. The first thing I hear from Larry is, “NO! I am not going to raise another baby!” Then I hand him the baby and bottle. Larry melts.

Take, for example, Rowdy, a pygmy goat. His mama gave birth to a few too many babies and poor Rowdy was left to fend for himself. Of course, I scooped him up and brought him home. At first, Larry was adamant about not taking any more babies in. By day three, I came home from work to find Rowdy running around in our living room. When asked why we have a goat in our house, Larry’s response was, “It’s too cold outside for him.”

The one animal I thought would be the final straw was a tiny little feral kitten, we named Lucky T, who was found by Tessa Schreiner covered in fire ants. Larry does not like cats, so I was a little worried. After the usual “No more babies!” speech, I gave the kitten to Larry who chose to ignore it…for a full 10 minutes. Today, Lucky T is a healthy 2-year old, with every toy a cat could want…courtesy of Larry.

Larry with Lucky T the baby cat

Larry quickly befriending Lucky T, the kitten

Larry with Rowdy the pygmy goat

Larry enjoying the company of Rowdy, the pygmy goat

Debbie Hagebusch, Y.O. Ranch Director of TourismDebbie Hagebusch is Director of Tourism at Y.O. Ranch; she leads all the tour groups throughout the Ranch’s 40,000 acres, detailing the various wildlife that can be found here. With up to 55 species of exotic wildlife roaming the Ranch, including Giraffe, South American Rhea, African wildebeests and more, she knows them all, and can often be seen taking care of the giraffe. She’ll get you as close as the animals will allow, and help you take pictures. So contact her directly here, and schedule a visit to the Y.O. Ranch and take one of her daily tours.

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